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Produced from the valuable renewable resources we collect and process, Valley Proteins is a major contributor in the manufacture of biofuel (for boilers) and biodiesel feed stock made from recovered restaurant grease and animal by-products. With the plant capacity and infrastructure of our efficient conversion facilities already in place, and the quantity and quality of raw materials we acquire from our suppliers, Valley Proteins possesses the capabilities to easily produce boiler fuel and biodiesel feed stock that meet or exceed the quality standards specified by the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM D 6751).

In fact, our own plants have been utilizing biofuel as heating fuel for over 10 years, confirming that animal fat is a viable, and often economical, option for heating and emissions concerns. Used alone, or as an additive, our biofuel has been proven to reduce sulfur emissions for cleaner air. Created from our renewable resources, these biofuels not only contribute to a cleaner environment, but also help decrease our dependency on foreign oil and contribute to our local economy.

Biofuels Resource Page

To learn more about converting your heating system to biofuels, visit our Biofuels Resource Page. This handy guide will help you compare conversion costs and pollutant emissions, and provides helpful tips on modifying your system and operating permit.

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